Intellisys Controls has developed technologies and products to construct the intelligent self-organized wireless network for industrial and commercialM2M applications to link transducers, actuators, PLCs, remote data together, and to implement information monitoring and operation control locally and globally. The network is capable of with stand in harsh environmental conditions and maintain  reliable  real-time communication. The robust and proven communication protocol implements dynamic network topology, mobility of nodes, auto-configuration and construction of the network, copes with node and communication failures, and supports heterogeneity of nodes, large scale of deployment an unattended operations.

The Intellisys Controls' proprietary  FlexWireless Radio provides local pysical communication median and networking.

The Wireless Conductivities allow transducers, actuators, PLCs and other field devices becoming the part of the network. Also, it provides the gateways to communicate with other networks such as WirelessHART™, ZigBee, eithernet etc..

The Industrial Wireless I/O directly samples physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, possition, level etc. in the field and transmits welessly into the network.

The Wireless Data Transfer supports the wireless transmission of serial data between the same and different physical interfaces and protocols.

The Global Data Communication, Tracking, Monitoring and Control deploys GSM/GPRS, GPS, satelite communication.

The Embedded PLC/PAC offers the embedded software solution to build and manufacture PLC/PAC devices.